Needs Analysis

In today’s competitive enviroment companies are need of continuous development and increasing their competitive power. To overcome the difficulties encountered during this process, a detailed needs analysis has the necessary and important part in achieving absolute success.

The first and most vital step is to determine the target-driven activities through appropriate analysis by offering value-added products and services with less cost, managing processes effectively and assessing the current siutation accurately.


Some tools used in the context of needs analysis

Value Chain Analysis
Determining the relationship under the value chain enables the development of strategic alternatives for the company.

Porter 5 Force Analysis
Understanding the structure of the industry is the most important way of maintaining the vital prognosis in terms of competition.

SWOT Analysis
Revealing the company’s current situation and competitive enviroment to create strategies by determining the strengths and weaknesses and identifying the opportunities and threats.

Market Trends Analysis
Revealing new markets, companies’ global and regional market performance, global products, prices, production quantities, market shares.

Gap Analysis
Drawing companies’s attention to international competition.